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I took this picture on a walk towards Parliament Hill on my trip to London last year, I just found it in my collection of photos and I just really love the way it looks.



University tales: Exam Time Rituals & Techniques

exam time rituals

For the past week I was swamped with back-to-back exams and I realized how tiring and mentally stressful  exams can be. It doesn’t matter what course you’re doing because there’s always so much to study! I follow a few regimens that help me get through exams. I hope they help you just as much as they help me!

  1. It’s all in your head: There are always those subjects that you detest studying for but you have to push through it anyway. But you can get through it mentally, stop telling yourself that “You don’t want to study” or “I hate this subject.” That’s only going to make you come up with reasons not to study. So, clear your mind and tell yourself that you can do it, you will get through the exam. Think about what you can do after your exam is over and let that be your motivator to study and get through the exam!
  2. Take Timed Breaks: the thing with exams is that we think of everything we have to study and go over that we think we don’t have enough time. So DON’T overthink it. Plan your time efficiently and take breaks accordingly. A tea break, tv break, or a walk in the park can calm nerves and freshen your mind so that you can get more studying done!
  3. Gum: I don’t know if this actually works, but I read somewhere that if you are chewing gum it can help stimulate your brain and help you study (just a little.) So what I do to keep my focus during studying is chew gum, it helps me focus on what I’m doing and not get distracted by other things because I’m already occupied by the gum! It’s hard to explain but you guys should definitely try it out!
  4. Tea & other snacks: If you usually don’t eat a lot of healthy snacks then you should probably start during finals week. Nuts such as cashews are considered brain boosters, because they provide a source of zinc that can help increase circulation of oxygen (high school science knowledge would be great to understand this!) Walnuts, that evidently look like a tiny little brain act as a great source of antioxidants, vitamin E, and omega 3 fats that does wonders for our brains! Tea whether its green tea or chamomile tea is great to help you calm down, and provide for a stress-free study session! (Check out the benefits of different kinds of nuts: http://bit.ly/JXEp72)
  5. Hand-notes: Sometimes, if the content is not too much, it’s more effective to write hand notes. This can help you retain and reproduce the content better later in time! Also flash cards and key notes are super handy to look back on the day of the exam!

Diwali Festival 2014

Here is what my Diwali looked like and I hope all of you had a great & safe Diwali this year 🙂

Thanks again to Shyam for his help with getting these beautiful photos! 🙂 Kavya1 IMG_6919



Shopping Tales: Diwali Festival 2014


This Diwali I decided not to purchase a traditional Indian dress, and wound up with these three beauties instead! The Diwali Festival sales are not to be missed as so many stores have great offers for a bulk buy. I got all these trousers for less than INR 2,000! Which is an incredible deal  because usually they go for about INR 1,500 a pop! Talk about saving some money.

Diwali shopping in India is equivalent to that of Boxing Day or Black Friday, good clothes and cheap prices! Of course there’s the off chance you will have the same item of clothing as someone else, but it also depends on how you style your outfits!

Stay tuned for my festive and colorful Diwali post! And I hope everyone have a safe and joyous Diwali!

Cheers! 🙂


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Photography Websites: Shyam Vasudevan

I would love it if you guys could go on my friends photography page and show it some love! He takes the pictures on my blog and is very talented!

He’s dabbled in wedding photography, landscape photography, and portraiture.

He has started a recent project called ‘Project 101′ where he will posting one picture everyday for 101 days. Don’t miss it!

Facebook – Shyam’s Photography

500 px – Shyam Vasudevan



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Fall Fashion Wishlist


wislist 1

I’ve been inspired by a lot of bloggers, and pictures over the past few weeks. I couldn’t help but develop a love for certain items of clothing that are absent from my wardrobe (That’s the thing about being a college student with not a huge source of income = no clothes 😦 or at least not as frequently as I would like them. But that’s okay, I’ll get there eventually.)

I suggest that all of you purchase at least have one pair of any of these items because they can really enhance your wardrobe and offer so many options for any occasions.

Statement necklaces are the best accessory you can own. It defines one neck, and elongates it in such an elegant manner.

Oxford shoes are more on the preppy side. What I love about them is that they can add some pizzazz to your outfit. Whether you wear it with a skirt, high-waist shorts, or regular jeans they make you look fashionable as ever.

Palazzos in my opinion have revolutionized the term “trouser.” Whether it’s a cotton or silk palazzo they are they perfect addition to any girls wardrobe. You can wear them to a concert, a picnic, a night out, or even for a grocery run.

Boyfriend Jeans pack a punch with a combination of being comfortable and ultra stylish. It’s a must-have.

For a good night out, buy leather leggings/jeggings because you can pair them with any blouse or top and be the center of attention all night! Pair them with some stilettos or platforms and have the night of your life!

The bomber jacket is the perfect fix to dress up any ordinary outfit!

Lastly those gorgeous cat-eye sunglasses just helps to add a variety and stay away from the boring sunglasses we encounter and purchase usually.

Cheers 🙂


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Juice It Up: Mosambi Juice

with logo

A refreshing glass of Mosambi Juice to get a little more energy during the day! I’m going to try drinking more healthy beverages rather than downing soda and processed drinks. Juice It Up will be a little blog series where I share delicious recipes!

This was a simple recipe:

  • Peel the Mosambi
  • Add it into the juicer
  • Add 1-2 spoons of sugar ( Be careful with the sugar because Mosambi is naturally very sugary)
  • Add  1/2 cup water
  • Mix Away 🙂

This was my first crack at “product” photography or rather ‘juice’ photography and it was harder than expected. But what I love about blogging is it’s a gateway to try so many new things and I’m loving it.



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This is my final summer look-book. It’s a bit amateur but I had a LOT of fun doing it, and as with all life experiences I will learn only by trying!  Enjoy 🙂

Outfit 1





Top – Atmosphere, Primark ( 4 Pounds)

Necklace- Westside (INR 90)

Ring & Bracelet – Handmade, beads from R.S Stores (local crafts store)

Maxi Skirt – Miss Bennett (INR 800)

Outfit 2






Top – Atmosphere, Primark (5 pounds)

Earrings – Street shopping (INR 50)

Necklace – Bought at a jewelry expo (USD 3)

Ring – Forever 21 ( USD 5)

 Bracelets – Trinkets Handmade Jewellery

My next look-book will be out at the end of October or Early November! Im planning on doing mini-blogs on specific outfits, so keep a lookout for those!

Photography by Shyam Vasudevan

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