Taken at Vandulur Zoo.

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(Kurti) Top – Maybelle

Black leggings -Fig

Pink Ballet Flats – Atmosphere


Travel Tales: Destination Singapore!

WP_003188My exams are over, so that can only mean one thing..vacation! I am so excited about going to Singapore to see my lovely sister and her husband.I’ll be staying with them for about 2 weeks. My future posts will be about my experiences in Singapore,  I’m very excited to share my Travel Tales with you guys, so stay tuned!



The Winding Hills of Kerela


Of late I’ve been putting up photographs of mine because after finding so many of them I want to share the beauty of where ever I have traveled or the places I have witnessed. After my finals are over which is next week, I will get back to my regular postings, but until then enjoy trendy talers! 🙂





Blue Skies

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Fright Night: Halloween 2014

Hope you guys had a spooky and frightful Halloween this year! I got back into the Halloween spirit and decided to dress up this year! The thing is, Halloween isn’t so widely celebrated here in India but there are a few places in the city where people enjoy dressing up for Halloween!

I went to  Spoonbill, where they decked out the entire restaurant with spine-tingling decorations and eerie music playing all throughout the night! Even the entire staff dressed up as ghouls, and witches! My favorite decorations were the beautifully carved Jack-o-lanterns displayed outside, nothing shouts Halloween like a good Jack-o-Lantern! They really got into the Halloween spirit! Keeping up with the Halloween theme, their food for the night was no where close to normal. The offered a dinner set with Halloween themed dishes! It was less than 500 rupees, so it’s totally affordable!

I think it’s time to bring the Halloween spirit to Chennai as well as all of India because it’s a time where you can be totally out of character and be someone entirely else.

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