Real Techniques – Deluxe Gift Set Brushes Review

As a newbie makeup blogger I’ve been stocking up my makeup arsenal with different brands and tools that can help me with my photo-shoots. Makeup brushes are at the core of makeup because it’s very important for the final look, brushes help spread the product out evenly and gives precision with application.

Where I purchased the brushes:

My sister got these brushes from a website called, they are a U.S based site that ships internationally, so that does mean the shipping charges are a bit high. Shipping takes a while for iherb, this package took 8 days to arrive. also sells them, and most are amazon fulfilled so it’s trustworthy (according to me.) Even Nykaa sells a few collections on their website!


This is my favorite brush from the set! It really is good at multitasking as I use it as a blush brush, foundation brush, or powder brush. The bristles are VERY soft, so it’s gentle on the skin, it’ll make you want to put on makeup all the time. The blend-ability is really good and helps in effortless application of blush, powders, foundation, etc. Product pickup is good on this as most of the time I have to dab off the excess, and it RT does sell a separate blush brush, buffing brush, etc. but this set is more of a ‘starter’ kit with a little bit of all their collections.

Rating 4.5/5


This brush is super dense and that’s the problem. It requires a lot of pressure in order to spread the foundation which is not good for your skin, especially since it’s ideally for under eye application. I don’t use this brush as much as the others, it’s not very good for heavy (liquid) foundation or concealer because it basically doesn’t help to blend it onto the skin. I prefer using the RT beauty blender for applying my foundation/concealer. This is the only brush in the collection with dense bristles while the others have soft bristles.

Rating: 2.5/5


This specifically meant for highlighting the face, it’s broadly angled so you can easily accentuate certain areas of your face, but the brush is a little small to cover most large areas, so it works best when you want to highlight the nose or cupids bow.

Rating: 2.5/5


Again this is a great starter eye shadow brush. It takes up the product well and blends well on my eye lid. I wouldn’t solely depend on this brush for eye shadows as it’s good to have a few brushes for when you want to blend two colors, etc.

Rating: 4/5


I’m not a huge fan of liquid eyeliners so I haven’t use this for that purpose at all, but the bristles are very fine and small so it can probably be used to create a good cat-eye or wing. I sometimes use this to apply my lipstick as a lip-liner, just to outline my lips and then fill it in later.

Rating: 2.5/5


Overall review of brushes:

The RT brushes have long handles making them pretty sturdy, allowing for hassle-free use. They are fairly easy to clean but I recommend washing them often especially after heavy use just so that it makes the whole washing process easier. I have heard that after a while the bristles do start becoming curly and come off, but I haven’t experienced anything so far, if I do I’ll let you know. But I think that happens with most brushes after constant use, and at their affordable prices it’s a bargain.

The kit also comes with a white travel size clutch, but because it’s really pretty and white I hate putting my used brushes inside for fear that it’ll get dirty, so I use it only after I’ve cleaned them. Kinda pointless but the color is the only bad thing about the clutch!

I wanted to make a video about these brushes but instead I’ve written this blog and created a few short videos on how I used these brushes. You can see them on my Instagram, as I’ll be posting them throughout the week. Also do check out some oft he videos I have on my YouTube Channel: Nykaa Haul, Forest Essentials Pure Rose Water Toner.



Any girl in her 20’s will soon discover or grow an addiction towards lipstick. At least, I know I have.

What I look for in makeup, and pretty much everything, is affordability. So, you can see why I was ecstatic when I saw this lipstick. Anyway let’s get to it.



This is NOT a matte lipstick so it doesn’t have a finished look to it. Which means that lines on your lips are visible (pictured above.) It is on the glossy side, and gives a little sheen depending on how many coats you apply. I like to wear it to semi-formal events or short hangouts.



The pigmentation is a very dark red, 2 coats would give you a nice deep wine(ish) red.




The texture of this lipstick is VERY smooth – it glides on perfectly. What I found is that my lips didn’t have to be super moisturized before I applied makeup, unlike with matte lipsticks where dry lips is a big no no. BUT because it’s very smooth it doesn’t settle onto the lips, so it’s very smudgy. I’ve tried drinking and eating whilst wearing it and unfortunately this left traces of the lipstick. That’s one of the major turn-offs of this lipstick.


The Enrich Satin series unfortunately lacks on this front. I apply about 2-3 coats just to get maximum amount of color and darkness, but because of its texture it kind of just wears off in about 2 hours? Also, while I was wearing it I didn’t know if the color was intact, so I found myself constantly checking to see how it looked.



The packaging is fairly simple. It comes in a metallic grey color box, and the tube is transparent, it’s cute and to the point.


The Lakme Enrich Satin line is pretty affordable with each costing just Rs. 265 . It’s perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot on a quick fix!




Simple Sundays: The 101 on Face Masks



I look forward to Sundays, usually after a hectic week all we really need is a day to unwind and relax. Sunday is my pamper day, I treat myself to home-made facials, hair treatments, foot baths, you name it! But While applying my face mask I realized the detailed process to have an effective result. There are so many mistakes we often make while mixing a simple face mask. Follow these rules and you won’t go wrong.

  1. Say good-bye to Make-up: There’s nothing more important than removing your make-up before you apply any mask. This will unclog your pores so that they may be cleaned and refreshed. After this you should splash your face with lukewarm water or dip a small washcloth into the water and pat your skin. This will help loosen your pores and help them open up more in order to absorb the contents of your mask for a more powerful effect.
  2. Read: The instructions on the box are there for a reason. Take the time out to slowly read them because they will determine the effectiveness of the mask.
  3. Test it: Apply a dab of the mask onto any part of your skin to test it out, near your jaw or even on your hand. Some products may cause irritation if your skin is very sensitive, so do this to prevent a reaction.
  4. Exfoliate: Your make-up isn’t the only layer that is blocking your pores from getting cleaned thoroughly. We tend to have a buildup of dead skin cells, so exfoliating is a must, especially before you apply masks or indulge in facial treatments. You have plenty of exfoliators right at home: oatmeal, sugar, coffee grains.
  5. It’s all about the time: You should accurately time how long you leave your facial mask on. There’s a reason why the instructions state a specific time. Sometimes if you leave it on for too long your skin can become dry, or it may cause irritation.  Just set an alarm on your phone so that you don’t forget!
  6. Pat Dry: Roughly drying your face can cause wrinkles and irritate your skin. So after you’ve washed your face with warm water, pat your face dry.

Voila! you can now enjoy the rest of your lazy Sunday!

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Biotique Bio Almond Soothing & Nourishing Eye Cream Review



If you’re like me and suffer from dark under eye circles, I’m sure you’ve ventured into the wide range of creams, concealers, treatments, you name it! It’s pain to understand the ingredients that are in the products and how effective they can be. I recently decided to give under eye creams another go, I bought Biotique Bio Almond Soothing & Nourishing Eye Cream. Now I always seem to have high hopes when it comes to beauty products because the way they advertise these things makes them seem almost magical. I never tried any products in the Biotique line before, but I was very excited to try this under-eye cream due to the ingredients listed on the back, of course Biotique prides themselves on using all natural ingredients.

This product is overall very moisturizing, and I believe it’s best for those with dry skin or combination skin. But having oily skin didn’t help my cause as the cream would sometimes not get absorbed by my pores, rather it blocked them. So apply in small amounts, so that the cream can spread evenly and you won’t over moisturize.

I found that the cream reduced any puffiness around my eyes taking the dramatic look of my under eye bags, especially in the morning, and provided the much needed moisture that my under eye area needed. In terms of reducing the darkness of my under-eyes, I could see a decrease in the intensity of the darkness under my eyes but obviously not a complete disappearance.

The cons would be that it can be very creamy so you should always apply only a small amount, and you must avoid getting it into your eyes because it will burn. I’ve experienced this once or twice and it’s not a fun thing, let me tell you that!


This product should last anyone about 2 months, unless you apply it more than twice a day. I regularly applied it in the morning and night to have some consistency.

Personally I don’t think I will be using this product due to fact that it doesn’t go with my skin type. But I certainly recommend this to those who have dry skin    or combination skin as it offers a lot of moisture.

Price: Rs. 199/-

Volume: 16 g

My rating: 3.5/5

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