Kalpa Druma | Summer Look #1

KalpadrumaKalpa Druma 3

Kalpa Druma 2Kalpa Druma 4

Kalpa Druma 5Kalpa Druma 6Kalpa Druma 7Kalpa Druma 10 [Footwear]

The outfit is super basic because I can’t stand to wear anything else during the heat. I mean let’s be honest guys, we try to plan out outfits a day ahead of time but we end up picking something in a span of 5 minutes, and we usually pick something we’re comfortable in. This is that kind of outfit. The material of the top is really thin, but it has a small thin fabric around the chest area inside, just so that you can wear any color bra without it being visible from the outside. I’ve paired it with a pair of Juthis I got from Banagalore, and a pair of Jumkas from Zahana Accessories. I’ve kept my makeup minimal as well, with just a little bit of concealer and my FAVORITE red lipstick the Maybelline Lip Gradation in Red 2.

This red leaf printed kurti is from Kalpa Druma. I was introduced to this store by my friend Varsha, and it’s a haven for people who love handicrafts and love to explore new “cultural” outlets . What I liked most about the boutique was their clothes, they had beautiful kurtis. kurtas, western wear, etc – the material of it all seemed so pure. Yes most of their kurtis can be a bit pricey, it can go up to 1000 rupees, but they have some for even 500 rupees, like the one I’m wearing. Honestly if you want to experience different products and have the time, you could end up spending hours here. They also have a diverse set of products from quilts, table cloths, curtain material, paintings ( semi-precious stone paintings), antique items, brass items, home decor, and lots of dress material along with finished clothing.

Kalpa Druma is located just opposite the Chola Sheraton hotel in Gopalapuram.

Outfit Details:

Top – Kalpa Druma

Pants – Lifestyle

Juthis – Bangalore

Bag – Cotton On, Singapore

Ring – Lovisa

Earrings – Zahana Acessories

About the Photographer:

Shyam Vasudevan is an aspiring photographer who’s taken most of my photo-shoots, so definitely check out his work through his social media links: InstagramFacebook.

If you guys like what you see then head on over to my YouTube channel that I’ve recently started for similar content 🙂

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Conceptualization | Collaboration with Rishika Nath


Photography and fashion have such a dynamic relationship. Of late conceptual photography is being merged with fashion photography to create some pretty breath-taking photos. What I mean when I say ‘conceptual’ is when you use a specific location or props as the main focus of the photo, and then you’ve got the model posing with the specific outfit. All in all it’s really fun to shoot because you’re not restricted in movement or style, plus it just adds a very creative and unique look overall 🙂

As for the outfit, I wanted to mix patterns because that’s not something I usually do and I’m sure not many other people do either. I tend to play it safe and go with solid colors, but this combination seemed to work really well! I always say that basics are important, and I love my basic wear. This stripped black and white top from Forever 21 is so versatile because you can pair it with any color and type of skirts, jeans, leggings, or even shorts! It’ll go great with solid colors or even simple patterns like the leggings I am wearing. This outfit is also a very simple summer outfit that I can wear anywhere! The floral leggings from Reliance Trends adds that summery touch. Accessories wise just go with your gut and whatever mood you’re in! Ive paired this outfit with a white watch with gold accents and a white pearl bracelet, along with a black circle bag- I usually go for a minimalistic look 🙂

Now even though I said the top is from Forever 21, which is expensive to most people, that doesnt mean you cant shop there! The sale section has amazing selections for you to choose from, and you can take a look at their online collections. I know it sucks that there isn’t a Forever 21 in Chennai but I’m sure it’ll pop up soon 😉

Rishika Nath, a close friend, is an aspiring photographer who has an amazing eye for conceptual photography, you can have a look at her tumblr where she showcases most of her photographs 🙂

Skirts and Basics




Top –    Cherokee at Megamart

Necklace – Westside 

Skirt – Miss. Bennett, Jabong

Hat – Street Shopping at Yercaud 

This outfit is for those days when you can’t bear to wear jeans and you want to a lazy yet stylish look. When I go shopping I don’t buy a bundle of clothes at once, I shop now an then which I think most people I know do. I always buy basics as they are affordable, and obviously can be worn with anything. Hence the green Cherokee basic top, I got it on sale at Megamart for only 300/- which I thought was a bargain because I like the feel of the top. I usually pair it with a normal pair of blue jeans and a scarf/statement necklace or even leggings and a cardigan when I feel ultra lazy. I think Megamart is really good when it comes to basics, they even have really funky printed pants which I unfortunately couldn’t get!

The skirt from Jabong was an impulsive buy because I didnt really know how I would pair it, but when I saw the deal on Jabong I just had to have it. I don’t really wait for those ‘huge’ sales on clothing sites like Jabong or Myntra, I go on once a week to just see what they have in store and if Im lucky I’ll find something within my budget. This black pleated maxi skirt was only 800/-, an insanely good buy! I was a bit skeptical about the length of the skirt, but it worked out well. The easiest way is to just use a measuring tape and refer to the size chart. When in doubt, just order a larger size because you can always alter it later.

Westside has some really good accessories, especially during the big sale months like Diwali and Pongal. This necklace was only 50/-. When I saw it I was looking around thinking it was a joke or just misprinted. I know it’s not a very fancy necklace, but I liked the layered look it has plus the texture of the necklace. For that price you cant really ask for more. Westside also has some pretty amazing bags and shoes during sales, so it’s usually my first stop when I go to the mall!

Photography by Shyam Vasudevan

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Midi Skirt Madness


Shoes 2 FullFace

| Top: Primark | Skirt: Code Red | Sandals : Rubi Shoes | Sunglasses : Cotton On | Bag: Bugis | Jewellery: Punk Candy | Lipstick: Wet N Wild |

Just we all desired maxi skirts or skater skirts to fill our wardrobe, they’ve got some competition from midi skirts. This trend was big back in the 70’s and came back with force around 2012. The attraction around these skirts its their ability to make one look thin yet structured. While they give attention to your waist area, they also compliment your legs! The perfect midi skirt is one that reaches your knee or just above it, still allowing you to show of your legs 😉

Midi skirts can be worn with just about anything from flouncy blouses, knitted sweaters, crop tops, and even t-shirts. I chose to pair mine with my favorite lace top. I always prefer the basics with a unique touch! I chose ankle-strap flats to add a bit of an preppy look to the outfit. Pairing ankle flat sandals can be a bit difficult because they can make you look much shorter than you are, and sometimes even a bit stalky. However, I chose them because the length of my skirt wasn’t too long and felt that appearance wise it looked good.

Photoshoot by : Shyam Vasudevan




Black Blazer – Globus

Black & White Aztec Print Pants – DNM Jeans

Necklace – Sangria

Black Flats- Atmosphere

Shopping Tales: Diwali Festival 2014


This Diwali I decided not to purchase a traditional Indian dress, and wound up with these three beauties instead! The Diwali Festival sales are not to be missed as so many stores have great offers for a bulk buy. I got all these trousers for less than INR 2,000! Which is an incredible deal  because usually they go for about INR 1,500 a pop! Talk about saving some money.

Diwali shopping in India is equivalent to that of Boxing Day or Black Friday, good clothes and cheap prices! Of course there’s the off chance you will have the same item of clothing as someone else, but it also depends on how you style your outfits!

Stay tuned for my festive and colorful Diwali post! And I hope everyone have a safe and joyous Diwali!

Cheers! 🙂


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Fall Fashion Wishlist


wislist 1

I’ve been inspired by a lot of bloggers, and pictures over the past few weeks. I couldn’t help but develop a love for certain items of clothing that are absent from my wardrobe (That’s the thing about being a college student with not a huge source of income = no clothes 😦 or at least not as frequently as I would like them. But that’s okay, I’ll get there eventually.)

I suggest that all of you purchase at least have one pair of any of these items because they can really enhance your wardrobe and offer so many options for any occasions.

Statement necklaces are the best accessory you can own. It defines one neck, and elongates it in such an elegant manner.

Oxford shoes are more on the preppy side. What I love about them is that they can add some pizzazz to your outfit. Whether you wear it with a skirt, high-waist shorts, or regular jeans they make you look fashionable as ever.

Palazzos in my opinion have revolutionized the term “trouser.” Whether it’s a cotton or silk palazzo they are they perfect addition to any girls wardrobe. You can wear them to a concert, a picnic, a night out, or even for a grocery run.

Boyfriend Jeans pack a punch with a combination of being comfortable and ultra stylish. It’s a must-have.

For a good night out, buy leather leggings/jeggings because you can pair them with any blouse or top and be the center of attention all night! Pair them with some stilettos or platforms and have the night of your life!

The bomber jacket is the perfect fix to dress up any ordinary outfit!

Lastly those gorgeous cat-eye sunglasses just helps to add a variety and stay away from the boring sunglasses we encounter and purchase usually.

Cheers 🙂


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This is my final summer look-book. It’s a bit amateur but I had a LOT of fun doing it, and as with all life experiences I will learn only by trying!  Enjoy 🙂

Outfit 1





Top – Atmosphere, Primark ( 4 Pounds)

Necklace- Westside (INR 90)

Ring & Bracelet – Handmade, beads from R.S Stores (local crafts store)

Maxi Skirt – Miss Bennett (INR 800)

Outfit 2






Top – Atmosphere, Primark (5 pounds)

Earrings – Street shopping (INR 50)

Necklace – Bought at a jewelry expo (USD 3)

Ring – Forever 21 ( USD 5)

 Bracelets – Trinkets Handmade Jewellery

My next look-book will be out at the end of October or Early November! Im planning on doing mini-blogs on specific outfits, so keep a lookout for those!

Photography by Shyam Vasudevan

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Preview: Summer Look-book

Here is a preview of a recent fashion photo-shoot I did. I actually did these about a month ago, but I was busy with other things for a while, but now I am back!

This summer look-book is based on this maxi skirt I purchased on Jabong. I absolutely love it. I will feature about five outfits in this upcoming look-book, it’s my first so I am very excited to share this with you guys. But more importantly I really want feedback from you guys, honest feedback: on what I can do to make it better, & your general thoughts!


3 2 4

Black Maxi Skirt- Miss Bennett (Rs. 800) 

Red Stripped Blouse- Ginger ( Rs. 400)

Sandals- Metro (Rs.800)

Jewelry: I made the blue bracelet as  DIY sort of thing, I combined the friendship bracelet with a large white pendant, that I found at a local crafts store. The white and grey bracelets are from my friends online jewelry store Trinkets Handmade Jewellery, and the aquamarine ring is from a set of rings I purchased for 2 pounds at Primark in London

I purchased the maxi skirt online on Jabong, and it was my first ever online purchase and I have to say it was so easy. I never tried it and I was a fool not to. The COD (cash on delivery) option is so easy and it’s worth the extra money for shipping because you avoid the fuss of having to use credit cards and such. I will definitely do a post on online portals that offer great deals and have a great collection of clothes!

Photo credits: Shyam Vasudevan

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These are My Trendy Tales

Kavya Photoshoot 2

My name is Kavya Sridharan, these are my tales of what I perceive as fashion, beauty, and life. I want to share my experiences and thoughts with you lovely beings out there. I hope you’re listening because Im overjoyed to start this new adventure. It’s a daunting thought to have an online presence especially when there are many talented bloggers out there, so I want to do justice to you all.