How to Achieve a Balanced Diet

IMG_3013Of late I have been very lethargic and lazy when it comes to eating, exercising and my beauty routine. Basically since I had exams and because of the heat I was in no mood, but sadly that has taken a toll on my skin and my health. So I’m back into the action by restarting my beauty routine and sticking to a new balanced diet because nutrition is just as important as fitness. It’s a pretty simple one because I don’t have a gym membership and due to college I can’t devote so much time to it, but I’ll know the results in a couple of weeks.

6:00 AM: As soon as I wake up I drink a cup of lukewarm water (or room temperature, but lukewarm is recommended) with lemon juice and sometimes honey as well. What this does is give a little wake-up call to your body before you eat breakfast and start your day. The lemon juice and honey provides hydration, helps with constipation, pumps up your immune system and also freshens up your skin! You can read the other benefits:

6:30 AM: I usually have breakfast about half-an hour after having the lemon water, but usually that’s because I finish my morning routine in that time. I never thought breakfast mattered but now I’m focused on having a healthy breakfast. I alternate between:

  •  Cereal – whole grain or bran cereal, but I also indulge in some delicious chocolate cereal from time to time. (
  •   Low-fat yogurt with bananas and apples
  •  Eggs & toast ( whole wheat bread)
  •  Oatmeal with a variety of nuts
  •  Tea with digestive biscuits – you can add some lemon, honey or ginger to your tea for an extra nutritious kick!

Here are some scrumptious recipes for breakfast:

7:00 AM Now is the time to go for a little morning stroll around your neighborhood or society, but sadly since I commute by college bus I don’t have time for this. For those of you who can fit this into their schedule, take a small brisk walk for about half-an hour to get yourself pumped up for the day. Even mild exercise makes a difference to your day!

[During this time its best that you drink water whenever you can, don’t force yourself to chug down two whole bottles to get through the next couple of hours. Have a bottle next to you at all times and drink gradually!]

10:30 AM: It’s now time for a small snack because your breakfast is just about digested. The best and convenient snack is an apple! I was never a fan of apples, but my mom insisted I eat one everyday but I never asked why. Turns out apples are SO healthy for you. Not only do they help make your teeth a little whiter, they prevent gallstones, boost your immune system, help with constipation, and so much more. This is because of the anti-oxidants present in apples. I now comprehend the saying “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” But along with the apples I also eat a variety of nuts such as cashews, walnuts, almonds, raisins, and pistachios just for some more fiber and to fill my stomach!

1-1:30 PM Lunch is totally up to you and the time allotted for you; anywhere from 12-1:30 is good to have lunch. You can take your favorite lunch items but just add a little healthy element to it. I used to buy lunch at the cafeteria but they cake all their meals with so much oil I eventually got sick of it. I bring food from home which consists of some rice, roti’s (Indian style bread), veggies, and yogurt. But now I take roti’s mostly every day with different veggies and yogurt because that’s less starchy, less oily and is very filling.  Here are some healthy lunch ideas that are easy to make and even healthier to eat!

[Some bloggers and dieticians recommend that you take a multi-vitamin before you have lunch, which is optional. The B-12 and other vitamins will help absorbs the nutrients in the lunch you eat! I’ve decided to do this on alternate days because I always tend to go overboard with these things]

3-4:00 PM Have an afternoon snack to reenergize yourself! Don’t overstuff yourself though. Keep it a small sized portion. My love for tea is unending, so I drink about two glasses of tea with digestive biscuits. But I’m trying to expand my options by having high-fiber protein or granola bars, veggies with hummus, or non-fat yogurt with berries.

6-7:00 PM: EXERCISE! Doesn’t have to be hard core fitness, just get up, get active, and get moving Researchers say that by just walking half-an-hour every day you can lose weight and become more active. This is the alternative to sitting around ALL day and not giving your legs a chance to run free! Download your favorite music, put those earphones on, and start walking!

8-8:30 PM The mistake we commonly make is to stuff ourselves during dinner as well and while that’s fulfilling at that moment it’s not good for you really. What happens is you eat so much so your body takes a long time to digest it, BUT you don’t let your body have that time especially if you sleep in an hour or so after you dinner. You body will stop digesting and the brain will ready the body for sleep ergo no digestion = food stored as fat. Another reason to avoid eating dinner very late 8-8:30 should be the max time to eat your dinner. I eat some rice with veggies, roti’s, pasta, sandwiches, anything really just as long as it’s in moderation and I don’t eat more than I actually need. Look here for some great healthy dinner recipes:

9:30 PM Indulge in a light, healthy dessert such as dark chocolate, yogurt (can be flavored) or some yummy fruits. I mix and match with these but sneak in some other goodies once in a while!

10:30-11 PM This should be your ideal time to hit they hay. Before this take a nice tall glass of water to refresh your body once and for all before it hits deeps slumber. You know the drill, get 7-8 hours of sleep and your mornings will be pleasant ones!

Thanks for bearing with me through this guys! I wanted to be more detailed as possible because these things helped me and I want them to help you too! If you have your own recipes and tips for achieving a healthy, balanced day please do share! I would love to hear what you guys have to say! Till next time.

Cheers 🙂


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