Cruising through Mylapore, Chennai


Credits to Shyam Vasudevan

I recently visited Mylapore with a  few friends in an effort to mark one of the many photo walks we wish to embark on. For any photo walk, it’s best to go very early in the morning or late in the evening, especially in Chennai or the heat will get you! The ideal time for a photo walk would be during 6 AM -10 AM or 4 PM – 7PM.


The Mylapore tank pictured above, taken on a road that joins N Mada St and S Mada St

You can start at Mylapore Tank bustop and head right down RK Mutt Road towards N Mada Street. Usually you’ll find many small shops along that street selling little trinkets but before they open you can see a line of colored doors which happens to be a perfect place to take pictures.

Understanding Mylapore isn’t too difficult as long as you trace your steps. We went in a circle, and made the tank and the temple our center point.

Continue on N Mada St and take the first left onto Chengalneer Pillaiyar Koil St, here again you’ll see many closed shops, but very colorful gates and a little graffiti here or there. This road is where I got the inspiration for my little lock series because of the colorfully varying gates and locks.


11703441_10207026821448957_7452965418965712879_oCredits to Shyam Vasudevan

The best thing about Mylapore is the olden, almost run down type of houses that take you back to the days past. These colored houses keep up with the essence of culture that fills the roads of Mylapore.

House for Kedited


Travel Tales: Kerala – Madupetty Dam

Madupetty Dam in Kerala is a great place to go boating with family. There are a few local shops right next to the dam so tourists can spend time and admire the scenery. 


View of Madupetty Dam


View of the lake from the boat


We were lucky enough to catch a small group of elephants bathing in the sun! 🙂

Travel Tales: Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Jurong Bird Park


Travel Tales: Arab Street


Sultan Mosque (Masjid Sultan)





My favorite spot in Singapore was definitely Arab Street, because of the rich culture you could feel flowing through the streets. Beautiful silk saris on display down an entire road. The grandeur of the mosque. The beautiful graffiti in unknown nooks and crannies of Arab Street. It was all brilliant and enticing. 


Bridge to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia


View of Sentosa from the tramIMG_3471

Sentosa Beach


View from the viewing area of the Southernmost Point of Continental AsiaIMG_3525Merlion

The Winding Hills of Kerela


Of late I’ve been putting up photographs of mine because after finding so many of them I want to share the beauty of where ever I have traveled or the places I have witnessed. After my finals are over which is next week, I will get back to my regular postings, but until then enjoy trendy talers! 🙂





Blue Skies

photo (3)