Fright Night: Halloween 2014

Hope you guys had a spooky and frightful Halloween this year! I got back into the Halloween spirit and decided to dress up this year! The thing is, Halloween isn’t so widely celebrated here in India but there are a few places in the city where people enjoy dressing up for Halloween!

I went to  Spoonbill, where they decked out the entire restaurant with spine-tingling decorations and eerie music playing all throughout the night! Even the entire staff dressed up as ghouls, and witches! My favorite decorations were the beautifully carved Jack-o-lanterns displayed outside, nothing shouts Halloween like a good Jack-o-Lantern! They really got into the Halloween spirit! Keeping up with the Halloween theme, their food for the night was no where close to normal. The offered a dinner set with Halloween themed dishes! It was less than 500 rupees, so it’s totally affordable!

I think it’s time to bring the Halloween spirit to Chennai as well as all of India because it’s a time where you can be totally out of character and be someone entirely else.

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